Self-heating meals
without heater bag
for those who are in a hurry.

Quick information

Food, packaging, self-heating, heater bag

At the moment there are 6 variants of meals. All with meat. The food is in a tin can. This has received a self-sufficient, active sheathing as packaging with technology for heating the contents without heater bags. For storage at room temperature, the system, with cutlery, is also packed in a airtight, sealed pouch.

Heater bag?

Where is the heater bag?.
For us, heater bags were not reliable enough. The application is also somewhat cumbersome. Depending on the materials used in the heater bags can produce gases, which can be toxic and dangerous. Since the heater is usually placed under the food and also a liquid for the heating process is used, a contamination of the food is pre-programmed.

Order quantity

One box with 20 meals.
Free choice from the available variations of meals.