Self heating coffee
quick one minute hot drinks.

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Hot coffee, hot tea in standard tin can.
approx. One minute to heat up a canned drink.
Development is completed.

Self heating coffee can

The development of self-heating cans for food and beverage has been going on in parallel for quite some time. Due to pandemics and also the current war events, we have decided to supply self-heating food, hotcans will follow soon. So solid and "real" food and not thin soups.
We will soon launch our beverage can with self-heating. Coffee, thin soups, tea or even alcoholic drinks are conceivable with it.

The cans for food as well as for drinks or soups are standard cans and are also not specially made for us. That would only cause additional costs.

The special thing is really the packaging, in which a lot of "sweat" has gone. In all self-heating food/beverage systems known to us, steam escapes.

The steam is a byproduct of the heating process. Generating this steam cost energy and is wasted immediately because the steam escapes unhindered. Actually, this hot steam should heat the contents of the food can. By the escape of the steam this valuable energy is lost. Donate heat for the environment :(

Canboy's Hotcans
Quick one minute hot drink.

Our system also produces steam, but it remains in the closed body and is converted as a booster for even more heat.
For example: a 400g meal, with meat and potatoes, takes about 10 minutes to heat up at room temperature.

200ml of coffee, so thin about 60-70 seconds. Our food or drink is in a solid container and is self-sufficient.

We have been asked whether the self-heating cans can heat the contents even faster and hotter. Yes it's possible, but we do not. It's like conventional cooking, too hot and the food is burnt. Nobody wants to eat burnt food.

Hot coffee, hot food, and everything will be good.