Self heating meals
Canned self warming rations
Emergency food


  1. Canned food are the #1 shelf-stable food. And now also BRAND NEW as self warming canned meal. They are fully-cooked of great tasting and hearty meals.
  2. Canboy offers a hot can food solution with integrated flameless heater and extended shelf life to deliver hot self-heating can meals in any environment or emergency situation.
  3. The special heating technology does not require any additional tools or accessories. Pressureless without steam, almost noiseless. Ready to heat up in less than 15 seconds.
  4. The self-sufficient hot meals are used by first responders, firefighters and disaster relief agencies as their feeding solution to help safeguard and protect lives.
  5. As far as we could find out, we are the only manufacturer of self-heating rations with 400g cans or 390ml food cans. A really good and appropriate amount of food for hungry people in emergency situations.

Ready to eat meals. Set with selfwarming food, protective bag and cutlery.

Self-heating can, protective pouch and cutlery. 

Ensuring sufficient nutrition in bad times.

Situations may arise in which you have no possibility to prepare a hot meal. Be it due to an interrupted or  missing energy supply or there is no infrastructure at all. In order to cover the nutritional needs, it is necessary to take appropriate precautions and measures with an emergency stock of food.

Vegetarian Potato stew
Coming soon

Minimum order quantity 1 box (20 pieces of self-heating rations).
You are free to choose from different menus and mix the box to your taste.

Notes for your order

Minimum order quantity 1 food box

You are free to choose from different menus and mix your box to your taste. 
20 pieces self heating meals = 1 box.

Each can with cutlery in a protective bag.
plus packing/shipping
Shelf life: 4 years, with unopened protective bag


Emergency Meals - Selection

Franconian pea stew


per piece, order no. FE01

  • Self-heating
  • First Responder Catering

Hungarian goulash stew


per piece, order no. FE02

  • Self-heating
  • Hot Military Ready Meal

Palatinate potato stew


per piece, order no. FE03

  • Self-heating
  • BLACKOUT Food Stockpiling

Lentil stew "Swabian style"


per piece, order no. FE04

  • Self-heating
  • MRE's Ready to eat meals

Chili con Carne


per piece, order no. FE05

  • Self-heating
  • Emergency Lunch ready to eat



per piece, order no. FE06

  • Self-heating
  • Military Food Ration

Stockpiling food for home.

The German Federal Office for Civil Protection (BBK), for example, gives the following recommendation for an emergency stock: cereals, grain products, bread, potatoes, noodles, rice and much more.

Be prepared

Preparing pasta or potatoes requires energy. In the event of a blackout, power outage, or even gas failure, there is no energy available to prepare meals. Liquid gas in bottles would be a possibility to secure energy shortages. Self heating meals are also a good recommendation, which can function self-sufficiently and cover days without energy with hot meals. Supplement your existing food supply with self-sufficient self-heating meals for emergencies as an iron ration

Delicious rations

main dish meals self heating food can. Helpful in emergency situations without energy, crises, work or for camping as warm meals ready to eat. Convenient outdoor food and ration for camping.

Convenient emergency ready to eat meals are only as good as the ingredients and how they are prepared by the "chef". The main dishes meals are carefully selected and from German production.

Emergency food pack

Our self-heating meals are suitable for stocking and storage at room temperature. Yes - our self-heating rations are perfect suitable emergency food.

Prevention is good and main meals are important in emergencies. We are happy to offer you our self-sufficient rations and hope that you will enjoy them even without emergency use.


The meals are just right for stockpiling because the food is shelf stable in the can, just like other canned foods. Shelf life in the unopened protective bag, at room temperature, is at 4 years.

  1. WASTE - Waste. There are no individual ingredients packed in foil, because the food is ready to eat in the can. More waste info
  2. PLUG-IN SYSTEM - The self-supporting can structure was designed as a plug-in system and is not glued. Good for recycling. Read more!
  3. STOCKPILING - May be stored at room temperature. Try it now!

FRH flameless ration heater - is not required.