Self-heating meals, hot can rations with self-sufficient heating technology.

Innovation in self-heating ration meals.
Warm Main dishes for emergency situations and stockpiling.
The special packaging turns a simple tin can into a hot can.

Hot food on the move

There are many situations in which you would like to eat something warm. Preparing a hot meal takes time and a place where it can be served.
In your kitchen this is certainly not a problem. If you can't take a hot meal from a fast food place or restaurant because they are closed or not within reach.

You will then need a self-heating food. Whenever you are on the road doing your hunting or military duties, or even in your free time, it becomes more difficult to get a hot meal.

Systems of self-heating packaging

Different solution approaches for a warm meal on the road, offroad or wilderness.

There are now many different systems with self-heating packaging. Most of them have a large number of individual parts and the individual foods are often packed in a large number of sachets.
Unpacking, preparing and arranging the many individual parts takes time and space. Self-heating packages, which rely on a heating bag, also require a solid base on which to place the self-heating food for the duration of heating.

Meals to be heated in plastic films or pouches should also maintain an exact position so that the food is properly heated and not contaminated. The development of steam during heating should not be underestimated as a possible risk of injury. So you are tied to a fixed and stable place for the duration of the preparation and food intake. In many cases, this is not practical.

Additional favorable features

You are on the road in a car or truck, can not or are not allowed to take a rest? Maybe you are a hunter on a high seat or a member of the military and on duty? Then you should take a look at the self-heating meals from

These are self-sufficient and easy to use. The self-heating package is a closed system. No unpacking of many individual parts but simply press the button at the bottom and wait. The can can keep moving and the food will be warm in any position.

Of course, the best position is standing upright. Additional favorable features has this system of self-heating for the military. We are stingy developers and hot steam that just escapes into the surrounding air is wasted energy that is missing when heating food. We have solved this problem. No steam, no wasted energy. Coming back to the hunter or the military, our self-heating packaging is virtually silent when heated.

The Self heating Rations innovation among the flameless ration heater and ready meals. The canned food as self heating ration meal like with flameless ration heater. A compelling development.

MRE selfheating meals. The convenient ready meals in self heating tin can packaging.

HOTCAN production has been discontinued.

Nevertheless, there is a new and great selection of tasty, nutritious MREs (meals ready to eat) with our self-heating cans. Our CANBOY hot can is a new development, looks similar, also makes the food warm and is primarily intended for emergencies and stockpiling.

The system is self-sufficient and works without adding water and is absolutely easy to use.

Not to mention: A hot can of 390ml/400g of food

with self-heating self-sufficient packaging is of course heavier than a freeze-dried version with heater bag. Freeze-dried systems are better suited for bagpackers or climbers provided they have access to extra water for the food and water to start the heater bag for heating.

Conventional food can with heater

The Caboy hot can contains a conventional food can, which makes it easier for us to access many different foods and gives you the widest possible choice of possible foods to eat. No matter, with meat, without meat, as soup, vegan, halal, pretty much anything can be possible.

Be in motion and eat meals from the hot can.

Canned Ration, Canned Food?

Self heating packaging for a conventional tin can?

The self-heating packaging for conventional canned food is the innovation for ration meals among the flameless catering and self heating ready meals. Canned food as self-heating meal, has all the advantages of canned food as long-term food and fully canned food with the advantage of self-heating.

Easy operation and reliable function are the outstanding features of the self-heating emergency food. Canned food is preferred as a long-term food, because the main characteristic of canned food is the long shelf life of food and therefore very suitable for stockpiling.

The combination of the long proven good properties of a tin can with our newly developed self heating packaging results in a perfect synergy. Long-proven canning technology with new, self-heating packaging results in convenience in perfection with a wide range of uses and applications for all crises and emergencies.

A convincing progress,
a perfect development,
a good hot meal.

Conventional tin can with built-in flameless heater! Is it possible?

Courtesy of the Rhineauen Fire Department.

Emergency rations and emergency rations for firefighters. Ration is self-heating, easy to transport, store and simple application guarantee a recovery time with a hot meal.

Courtesy of the Rhineauen Fire Department.

The hotcan does not require a solid base. Even if you are on the move and make a trip, you can prepare a hot meal and enjoy it.

Courtesy of the Rhineauen Fire Department.

Lunch with self-heating meal at the aid transport of the fire department Rheinauen to Ukraine. Important work needs proper care.

Courtesy of the Rhineauen Fire Department.

A can, which just heats the food. Heating a meal is possible almost anywhere, due to the simple and uncomplicated application. Save time on your trip, eat on the move.

Tin can meals for First Responder (FRP)✔

Emergency Care✔
Crisis care✔
Mission catering✔

self heating meal

Canned food

Self heating without flame (FRH)

  • Ready-to-Eat (MRE) ready meal
  • Can of self-heating food ration packaging, cutlery in airtight stand-up pouch.


  • Can of self-heating food ration, cutlery in airtight stand-up pouch.
  • no additional things like heating energy, water etc. are needed for hot food.
  • Food heated in about 10 minutes
  • stays warm for about 45 minutes
  • Safe - No flammable gases are generated
  • The food is not contaminated with substances or heating vapor
  • Long-term food, because fully canned.
  • Shelf life 4 years in unopened pouch
  • Food from German producer, other ready meals also possible.
  • Air transport suitable.
  • Easy to operate due to smart technology.
  • heat, eat and march at the same time.

Help for Ukraine - Ludwigshafen aid transport - Fire Department

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First responder catering.

No hunger - thanks to convenient self warming meals

Our selection of food is produced by German food manufacturers. The wholesome meals, in tins, are then equipped with newly developed self-heating technology and then packed airtight with cutlery in a bag. Of course ready to eat.

Until now:

self heating ration meals are ready-made meals in a self-heating pack/pouch that are heated by adding water to the container.

Self-heating MRE Tactical Foodpack, canned food

And now:

Our newly developed self-heating ready meal can inside the airtight pouch are completely self-sufficient. There is no refilling with water or repacking of the food. Simply remove the can from the protective bag. Push in the bottom and wait about 10 minutes. After that, it is time to eat. Quick and simple

By using standardized cans, we can respond very quickly and easily to special requests for food. For example vegan, halal, kosher or simply to meet the taste of certain countries and people.

An independence, through free choice of the food manufacturer and supplier, can be guaranteed.

Disaster civil protection catering.

We are not a 3 star restaurant

nor do we intend to replace restaurants or similar institutions. It is much more important to us to support rescue workers, first aiders and emergency services on the sometimes dangerous missions with a decent meal made from good ingredients. Emergency services often come into situations in which they do not have access to a warm meal, either due to a lack of energy supply or simply because there is no safe way to cook.

Ration food for Rescue Service Catering. Warm meals on site

Under certain circumstances, people also need warm food, which is rescued, cared for and looked after by helpers.

No additional water or energy is required. The self-sufficient, self-heating food with cutlery is in the protective bag. Of course, the self-heating food is not only suitable for emergencies. Can also be used for camping, touring, as outdoor food to name a few.

Unpacking and removing a self-heating ready meal tin can from a protective pouch.

Food as Self heating Rations packed in the tin can with cutlery inside a protective bag. Are you thinking about stockpiling?

The "" self-heating canned meals

were specially developed as emergency catering for first aiders and as emergency care. In the event of a crisis, a complete field kitchen cannot always, or immediately, be installed and used. And this is where CANBOY comes in with his self-heating food.

Food solution for emergency operations

Self-heating convenience meal, ration Ready hot meal in 10 minutes

The Canboy innovated self warming ration packaging are easy to use. The food is as content in a self warming can and additionally kept by a protective bag for clean storage. Such self warming rations are not intended to replace microwave or real home cooking. We also sell to convenient (lazy) people, because the food is really very tasty. The main use we see in all kinds of rescue workers, fire departments, police, military, relief organizations. If you're thinking about stockpiling, store it at room temperature and a delicious hotmeal is waiting for you. A good hot meal at the right time will always help.

Food solution for emergency operations

Self-heating canned food, ready meal, packed in airtight pouch with cutlery

Power sources, water and gas interrupted

In the event of a disaster, power sources, water and gas can be interrupted. There is then almost no possibility to prepare a warm meal with a heater.

Food solution for emergency operations

For such situations are our newly innovated self-heating food.

One of the positive features is the self-sufficient function. It means that no additional water, heat from a flame or other form of energy is needed for the process of heating.

The meals are specially designed for catering to rescue workers and emergency situations. Possibilities for the use of a tasty meal with self-heating packaging are many. Priority is of course the emergency situations but also at work and hobby.

The can with the newly developed self-heating technology is stored in a airtight, protective bag.

For use without an energy supply or as outdoor food. Gas, water, electricity, fire? for a hot meal? not necessary - I am self-sufficient and the perfect food solution for emergency operations

Newly developed patented self warming packaging for crisis and emergencies.

Canned food with newly developed patented self heating packaging.

Easy operation and reliable function are the excellent features of the self warming emergency food. Canned food is preferred for long-term food, because the main characteristic of a canned food is the long shelf life of the food. Combining the excellent properties of a canned food with new developed self heating packaging results in a perfect synergy. Long proven canned food technology with new self warming packaging results as convenience in perfection with multiple possibilities of use and utilization.

The preparation of a hot meal

begins with the opening of the sealed protective bag.

  • Remove the can and the cutlery from the pouch.
  • Turn the can upside down.
  • Press in bottom.
  • After approx. 15 seconds, turn back the can.
  • Shake gently every 2-3 minutes.
  • The can body may become hot on the outside.

The time needed to prepare the meal varies depending on the contents of the can. You can open the can after about 7-8 minutes and stir the meal with the enclosed cutlery. Stirring accelerates the absorption of heat.

Bon appétit.

To be prepared for the worst case scenario, feel free to select here your "Favorite food as self-heating meal".
You may want to expand your food supply with our self-heating hot meals.