How do self heating meals work
Our tin can system - without heater bag!

We use a normal tin can and surround it with a special active packaging developed by This packaging has the property of triggering a heating process at the push of a button.
The active food packaging has the ability to heat food contents without external heat sources or power. It's an exothermic reaction and our self heating meals work without heater bag.

When conventional cooking is not possible, these packages will be useful. The use and application possibilities can be manifold. In case of natural disasters, military operations, blackouts, whenever a conventional kitchen is not available and the "normal" preparation of a meal is not possible. It will not be a disadvantage to have a certain amount in stock as emergency rations.

The ration can also be eaten cold, as these are prepared as a pre-cooked ready meal. The active packaging heats the contents of the can. For example, the meat dish contained therein is even tastier hot.

"Add active packaging to simple tin can and you get a self-heating ready to eat meal"

Several Features with canned solution

Long proven canned food technology with new self warming packaging
results as convenience in perfection with multiple possibilities of use and utilization.

For you

Canning is an old and proven technology for preserving food. There are many professionals who can handle it perfectly from food production to filling and preservation. The rules and regulations are also not to be despised. This process has nothing to do with us. We are responsible for the special packaging and heating process.

There are not many individual parts or bags to unpack and prepare. The Canboy can is easy to use and ready to go without any preparation. 

For us

Canned goods are available almost everywhere and most of them are also standardized.

We can produce food in countries of our choice and have it delivered as canned food. Food, which is then adapted to the different requirements such as religion, culture and health aspects. This can then gets the special packaging and then this is bagged in the security bag.


The can as a proven method for food comes together with the newly developed technology to heat the contents inside. Due to the closed system, the food cannot be contaminated with vapors. In all systems known to us, hot steam escapes. There is a risk of scalding and the food can also be contaminated. When hot steam escapes, energy is also lost, which can be used very well for heating the meal. We have solved this problem. There will be no excessive waste, nor will there be any toxic or explosive substances (oxyhydrogen).

Easy heat up as video

Push button for a short 60 seconds video. It shows the several steps to get a hot meal