Questions and Answers to emergency food military rations

Are there any harmful ingredients involved in heating?

The ingredients involved in heating are harmless and safe.

How does the the heating work?

Actually, you can't do anything wrong. Turn the can upside down, press in the bottom with both thumbs, wait 15 seconds, turn the can upright again.

After about 4 minutes, you can open the can and stir the food with enclosed cutlery. Stirring accelerates heat absorption and heats the food more evenly.

Is Canboy self-heating meal technology dangerous in any way?

The outside of the can can become hot. The food, which is in the inner can, is only heated. Contamination of the food can not take place

What are the best self heating meals to eat?

Of course, our meals are the best. This question was really not necessary now ;) But joking aside: we are always trying to provide a meal with quality. But the quality says nothing about the taste. Fresh, nutritious ingredients and well a healthy preparation provide quality and also taste. 

We hope to meet the tastes of many at the same time, but this is not entirely possible and some will say too little seasoning, too much salt, too much ........ and so on. People are diverse in culture, place of residence and also food culture. Nevertheless, our food will be warm and we can adapt the meals to countries and food cultures without problems.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the Canboy can is completely safe to use. As with "normal" cooking, children must be supervised. 

It is completely natural heating reaction - non-toxic and non-flammable.

Is it recyclable?

Yes, the Canboy can is recyclable. Please dispose of the can in a recycling container after use. Thank you very much for helping our earth clean.

Are your meals ready to eat MRE?

All meals are ready-to-eat. No preparation is required.

Do you accommodate special dietary needs?

The self-heating packaging, from Canboy, was specially developed for standard cans. This allows us to react quickly. There are many food manufacturers who fill food in standard cans.

A wide variety should be guaranteed. Vegetarian, halal, vegan or.......

What is the shelf life of Canboy Selfheating Rations?

The products have a shelf life of 4 years from production. However, since they are fully canned and everything is packed in a sealed compound bag, you can assume a significantly longer time.

How long does a Canboy can stay hot after activation?

This depends on the ambient temperature. Under normal ambient conditions, the meal remains warm for approx. 45 minute.

Do I have to add water?

Many people asking this questions. No you don't need. The "Canboy" system don't need additional water for food or flameless ration heating system.

Are there situations where the Canboy self-heating can may not work?

When the can is exposed to sub-zero temperatures, the liquid used to initiate heating can freeze. As you would expect, heating a really cold can naturally takes longer.

How much food is in a Canboy can?

Each can contains 390-400g of content.

Can Selfheating Rations be reactivated by Canboy?

Unfortunately not, the can can be heated only once.

Do I need an additional flameless ration heater pack?

Our self heating can system doesn't need a flameless ration heater. The self-heating elements are inside the can and it's a self-sufficient closed system.

Who are the buyers of Canboy meals?

We understand our self-heating meals as emergency food. I.e. when there is no energy source to heat food, or they are on duty as firefighters, THW, ambulance, police, military and need warm food. 

When we are all well and are too comfortable or just lazy to cook, then of course it is also "convenience in perfection".

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